Intramolecular, Cluster, Condensed Phase and Biophysical Dynamics on the Time scale of Nuclear Motion

Panel Session

Joshua Jortner

School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University,
Ramat Aviv, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel

We shall address the conceptual framework and perspectives of femtosecond chemistry and biophysics, which rest on dynamics on the time scale of nuclear motion.
The following topics will be considered:

  1. Facets of intramolecular dynamics. Decay channels
  2. Reactive and nonreactive intramolecular dynamics
  3. Dissociative dynamics and Coulomb explosion in molecular clusters
  4. Dynamics cluster size effects
  5. Condensed phase dynamics
  6. Electron transfer and energy transfer in biophysical systems
Perspectives of novel research directions in this fascinating research area will be explored, addressing the question whether we have reached the temporal borders of fundamental processes in chemistry and in biology.