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Technical remarks: I play recently mostly Sylphyo by Aodyo, and also AkaiPro-EWI instruments (4000s, 5000 and EWI-USB), with some analog voices from Patchman, Yamaha VL70m synthetiser with Patchman Turbo voices, Ketron SD2 and SD1000 modules and various software virtual instruments on EWI-USB. In 2022 I have added DynaSample XpressO-mini synth.
All 3 banks for Ketron SD2, 4 banks for Ketron SD1000 and 2 banks for Yamaha VL70m Turbo, in the .mlb format (ex. for Anvil Studio), needed to use these modules with EWI.
MIDI-OX can control Ketron and other synth, select favorities and assign parameters to different MIDI channels. After trying large DAW programs I gave up - too complicated and not doing what I need. Use this instrument definition.

Ketron SD2 sounds of all instruments from Bank A (large).

For me this was a scientific experiment, a part of my investigation in what I call "auditory blindsight" or auditory imagery agnosia (see talks 65, 69, 90, 97 and 101 here, and the paper on imagery agnosia).

A few samples of my brain's creation (highly flawed, no corrections, taken as it comes) are below.
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First, 4 videos:

Sylphyo on Yamaha VL70m, with the fantastic VL-Wizard Editor

Sylphyo improvisation, testing Omnisphere 2.8, with Vangelis Sounds from Luftrum. Even on EWI one can generate rich sounds.

Improvisations - Sylphyo on Ketron SD 1000

Improvisations on EWI5000+Ketron SD1000+Anvil Studio

Improvisations on EWI 4000/EWI USB:

Classical themes:

Baroque Period

Jan Sebastian Bach:

Christop Willibald Gluck:

Antonio Vivaldi

Romantic Period

Claude Debussy:

Erik Satie

Fryderyk Chopin:

Nicola Paganini:

Robert Schumann:

XX Century Classical composers

Jazz/popular themes

The Beatles:

Japanese melodies:

Other popular melodies

Christmas Carols (Kolędy) - most quite old.

Wlodzislaw Duch

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