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Please note that I usually do not have time to enter into discussion as to details of the material contained herein and do not normally respond to enquiries. You are free to download various articles but I cannot fill reprint requests or supply zerox copies.


Division of Computational Methods in Molecular Physics

Research Fields

Generally applications of symmetry in physics. Specifically:- spectroscopic properties of lanthanides and actinides, mathematical and physical applications of Lie groups, theory of symmetric functions, computing properties of groups, interacting boson model of nuclei, mesoscopic and many-body systems;

Curriculum Vitae


Symmetry in Physics.


Essays, Letters and Comments


English Course Notes

Seminar: Aspects of the Exceptional Groups

Seminar: Bosons, Fermions and Symmetric Functions

Seminar: The End of Physics? The Beginning of Physics? (Warsaw University, 31 May 2001

Relativistic Effects in Lanthanides and Actinides (5Este Conference on Excited States of Transition Metal Ions at Ladek Zdroj, Poland 6-11 June 2001)

The fascination of the rare earths - then, now and in the future (4th RES Workshop on Spectroscopy, Structure and Synthesis of Rare Earth Systems Ladek Zdroj, Poland, 21-26 June 2003 )

Symmetric Functions and The Symmetric Group Notes

Magnetic and Hyperfine Interactions in Atoms, Ions and Crystals

Some Maple Routines for 3nj-Symbols

Notes on the group PSL(2,11)

Group theory and the Pentaquark

Group theoretical approaches to many-body problems in physics and chemistry (V Girona Seminar on Molecular Similarity, Girona, Spain 12-20 July 2001)

Opening of the Grosse Ring, 5 Oct 2001 at Fundamentalstation Wettzell, Germany

My Polish Physics Odyssey: The First Decade

Beyond the sixth place of decimals: From Michelson to Large Ring Lasers (pdf)(Ideas of Albert Abraham Michelson in Mathematical Physics, Bedlewo, Poland 4 - 11 August

Admissible partitions and the square of the Vandermonde determinant ( Group24, Paris, July, 2002)

The Vandermonde Determinant Revisited,SSPCM2002,Myczkowce,September 11-18,2002

Small to Large to Small,SSPCM2002,Myczkowce,September 11-18,2002

Graduation 2001

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SSPCM Photos Sept. 2002

Michelson, Bedlewo Photos Aug. 2002

Tables of Plethysms

Tables of Inverses of Series

Reduced Kronecker Products for S(n)

Expansion of the Squares of the Vandermonde Determinant

Energy Matrices for g^2 in jj-Coupling

Exceptional Group Properties



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