Aleksander Jabłoński Lectures

Aleksander Jabłoński (1898-1980) was a mentor of many NCU physicists. He was the first NCU physics professor and he organized research and teaching here. Aleksander Jabłoński Lectures are an annual special day event and a festival of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics. They have been organized since 1988 on the day of his birthday.
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A list of Aleksander Jabłoński Lectures so far:

XXVI Andrzej Udalski (2013) Discovering the secrets of heaven: from nearby planets to the most distant quasars
XXV Włodzisław Duch (2012) Brains and minds: what do we know about ourselves
XXIV Prof.Dr.Sigurd Hofmann (2011) The element Copernicium why it exists and how it was made
XXIII Ryszard Horodecki (2010) Fascinating world of qunatum informatics.
XXII Michał Heller (2009) Time of man and time of the universe
XXI Jacek Kossut (2008) Quantum dots – how to make them and whys
XX Marek Demiański(2007) Discovering of the universe
XIX Józef Życiński (2006) Physical theory of everything and humanistic values
XVIII Tomasz Dietl (2005) Today and tomorrow of nanotechnology
XVII Aleksander Wolszczan (2004) Searching for the second Earth
XVI Kazimierz Rzążewski (2003) Foresight as treated in the past and at present
XV Andrzej J. Sadlej (2002) From Jablonski’s diagram to relativistic quantum chemistry
XIV Zdzisław Pająk (2001) Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
XIII Ryszard Tadeusiewicz (2000) Cybernetic modeling of biological systems
XII Andrzej Staruszkiewicz (1999) The problem of universality of the electric charge and its quantization
XI Andrzej K. Wróblewski (1998) Physics in 1900
X Kazimierz Grotowski (1997) Controversy over the origin of the elements. How stars live and die
IX Józef Smak (1996) Astrophysical tests of physical theories
VIII Kacper Zalewski (1995) How quantum physics changes our perception of the world
VII Włodzimierz Kołos (1994) On the strangeness of microworld
VI Andrzej Białas (1993) Nature abhors a vacuum
V Janusz Zakrzewski (1992) Hypernuclei dublets: a new state of nuclear matter
IV Roman S. Ingarden (1991) Information in physics and biophysics
III Łukasz A. Turski (1990) On the usefulness of physics. Does anyone ever need fundamental sciences, especially physics, at the end of the 20th century in countries less technologically developed such as Poland?
II Andrzej Hrynkiewicz (1989) Impact of energy generation on the environment
I Andrzej Trautman (1988) General relativity for everyone