Special Aleksander Jabloński Lecture

On February 23, 2012 r. at 17.15 in room 26 prof. dr hab. Włodzisław Duch from Department of Informatics, NCU will give a lecture: "Brains and minds: what do we know about ourselves"

Natural sciences got seriously engaged in research on consciousness, mind and inner world only with development of functional neuroimaging techniques showing brain processes during various tasks. As a result mental states are losing their private character. External observer can see and correctly interpret brain processes that have not yet become conscious or will never be conscious. Self, our personal identity, is one of many processes that brain is running. How are these processes implemented? Can we understand them through introspection, or can we know more using external observations? Can we create new conscious experiences by stimulating the brain in untypical way?
Such questions brought to the investigation of the relations between brain activity, described by neurodynamical models, and subjective mental states. Autor will summarize many years of attempts to create geometrical theory of mind, inspirations that followed from this work for what I call "neurocognitive informatics", processes responsible for intuition and creativity, connections between neuroplasticity and psychotherapy, plans for experiments with biofeedback, models that help to understand such mysterious disease like epilepsy, autism, ADHD at the neurodynamical level, research on imagery agnosia, infant development, and finally perspectives to answer the question: what do we really know about ourselves and how much can we know? This is more than a single lifetime project, connecting natural, social sciences and humanities, theoretical and experimental approaches, research program that will not be completed in short term ...