International Year of Astronomy 2009

In the International Year of Astronomy, the faculty of the Center for Astronomy run a series of monthly popular science lectures called: "And yet it moves... – astronomy 400 years after Galileo". These lectures are given in four cities of the region: Bydgoszcz, Inowrocław, Torun and Włocławek, according to the following schedule.

On April 3rd and 5th the 32-meter radiotelescope belonging to the Center for Astronomy took part in the international show of e-VLBI observations, in an event called 100 hours of astronomy >>>

The Toruń official inauguration took place on Copernicus’s birthday, February 19th. Its main event was the unveiling of the Planetoid 12999 Toruń monument created by Paulina Kaczor-Paczkowska and located close to the Cosmopolis fountain. Planetoid 12999 Toruń was discovered by an American astronomer Edward Bowell; it belongs to the main planetoid belt between Jupiter and Mars. It is 340 million kilometers distant from the Sun, and it takes it 3 years and 157 days to circle it.The monument unveiling was accompanied by a ‘heliocentric fireworks’ show. Next there was a lecture in the local planetarium by Professor Tadeusz Michałowski  "What does 12999 Toruń look like?" See the inauguration pictures.More about the inauguration events. >>>

The UNO has declared that 2009 should be the International Year of Astronomy.  Its inauguration took place in Paris on January 15th and 16th.  Inspired by the opening ceremony, the NCU Center for Astronomy started e-VLBI observations with its 32-meter radiotelescope.