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Back to School is a joint project of the students of NCU Physics and Astronomy, in particular: the local Student Chapter of SPIE (an international society advancing light-based research) and student research societies: Science Society of Physics Students and Science Society of Astronomy Students. The idea is to go back to secondary schools, where today’s instructors were students themselves not very long ago.

The project students organize physical shows and workshops, where secondary school students observe interesting physical phenomena. In its form the project resembles the events of the Torun Festival of Science and Art and makes it possible for one to observe Nature. Experiments shown are carefully chosen not to interest only physics enthusiasts but also regular school kids. The participation of graduate students and doctoral students guarantees getting answers to each question.

The program of the Meet Physics series in 2008/2009 summer semester:

1. Demonstration:

  • levitation,
  • hot chocolate effect,
  • astro-seismology,
  • SUMO robot,
  • resonance effect,
  • flour explosion.

The project consist of four 45-minute demonstrations in which school children will have a chance to observe experiments, or even make some themselves.  

Back to School is our answer to a deep need to explore the secrets of Nature. All schools and all school students are welcomed. For details, please contact Mr. Marcin Piotrowski.

Contact us:
inż. Marcin Piotrowski
Instytut Fizyki UMK
ul. Grudziądzka 5
87- 100 Toruń