Why Informatics?

Why is informatics worth studying?The focus here is placed on the acquisition of practical skills, like the application of existing tools for the development of new software useful in business and everyday life. As a graduate, you will have the necessary knowledge to create database systems, to process information and to program computer networks. This knowledge can be useful when applied not only to technology, biology, medicine, electronics, physics but also to filmmaking, telecommunication or transportation. Informatics is an ever-developing science, and well-prepared specialists are in demand everywhere. If you have a look at Streszczenie raportu o zapotrzebowaniu gospodarki na absolwentów szkół wyższych kierunków matematycznych, przyrodniczych i technicznych (A summary of a report on the economy’s demand for maths, science and engineering graduates), you will see on page 8 how much our economy needs you; in other words, how easily you will find a job.Ministry of Science and Higher Education placed Informatics in a "studies in demand" project for 2009/2010 which offers high scholarships to motivate people to begin studies.Why is informatics worth studying at this Faculty?

  • you have a chance to get to know the secrets of advanced technologies thanks to the state of the art equipment of the labs of this Faculty,
  • you will be getting this knowledge from outstanding faculty and staff
  • you will have a chance to have your apprenticeship-practice in the most prestigious Polish and international firms,
  • you will graduate with a engineering diploma of a prestigious Polish state university,
  • you will have an opportunity to study some semesters at European universities if you participate in an international exchange program,
  • you will have a chance to appreciate the charms of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, the Old Town of which is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

What can I do after graduation? Informatics plays more and more serious role in people’s lives and pervades all its aspects. Even now an IT specialist is necessary not only in physics or engineering but in almost every business enterprise and medical or administrative institution. When you graduate, you can be sure that your only headache will be which job offer to accept.NCU’s Informatics graduates will have a chance to find employment as:

  • system engineers,
  • programmers,
  • web page developers,
  • IT specialists,
  • database developers,
  • software engineers,
  • decision system developers,
  • developers of robot control systems,
  • analysts and designers of modern databases,
  • Internet specialists,
  • computer system and network engineers and administrators,
  • bioinformaticists.

The knowledge you get at NCU will give you a solid foundation for the running of your own business in informatics, production or services.