Why astronomy

Why is astronomy worth studying?
Astronomy is the oldest of sciences, and its application of maths to precise predictions of phenomena left other sciences behind by whole millennia. Astronomical discoveries still shape the picture of the far and near environs of our home planet and improve our understanding of the world. Some of those discoveries hit the headlines of the most serious newspapers and journals, like the discoveries of distant planetary systems or new near-Earth planetoids. The study of astronomy can become an intellectual, cognitive adventure on the one hand. On the other, astronomical studies give one quite thorough preparation also in the areas of physics, maths, informatics, and in the application of computers and state of art optical and electronic equipment.

Why study it here at NCU?

Astronomy and astrophysics are extremely important at NCU; after all, the university is named after Nicolaus Copernicus. The largest Polish observatory is located in Piwnice, 15 km north of Torun. It was established in late 1940’s by two distinguished astronomers: Władysław Dziewulski (who between the two World Wars was a professor and a rector of Stefan Batory University of Wilno (in today’s Vilnius, Lithuania) and by Wilhelmina Iwanowska. Among its optical telescopes there is a 90/60 cm Schmidt - Cassegrain Telescope, the biggest in Poland. In 1970’s radio astronomical observatory was added, now with a 32 m radio telescope, one of Europe’s largest and most modern, an element of the European VLBI Network.
NCU’s Astronomy as an academic program has the approval of the State Accreditation Committee.

What can I do after graduation?

NCU’s Astronomy graduates find employment as, for example:
research center specialists
astronomy educators popularizing astronomy at, for instance, planetariums
teachers of physics and astronomy in schools of various levels
respected computer specialists in jobs involving the use of computers and computer systems
One can also continue astronomical education at the third cycle studies, the doctor al level, in a chosen center in the world. International careers of NCU graduates are testimony to its high level of academic preparation. (like Aleksander Wolszczan and Maciej Konacki, the discoverers of planets outside the Solar system).