Research Topics


  • stellar astronomy
  • search for extrasolar planets
  • physics and chemistry of interstellar medium
  • celestial mechanics
  • active galaxies
  • interstellar matter
  • pulsars
  • the topology of the Universe

Experimental Physics:

  • spectroscopy in gas-phase
  • radio-spectroscopy of carbon compounds and nanostructures
  • luminescence spectroscopy of scintillating and lasing materials
  • growth and characterization of semiconductor compounds
  • thin films of semiconductors, polymers and porous silicon
  • optical tomography
  • luminescence spectroscopy in solutions
  • interaction dynamics in molecular systems
  • electron-atom scattering experiments
  • thermo-luminescence and dating
  • robotics, drive control systems and digital signal processing
  • ultracold atoms and quantum states engineering

Theoretical Physics:

  • dynamics of open systems
  • classical and quantum chaos
  • theory of superconductivity
  • electron correlation theory
  • theory of autoionizing and resonant states
  • molecular dynamics of proteins
  • relativistic theory of many-electron systems
  • collisions of atoms and molecules
  • theory of low-dimensional systems
  • photoionization, quantum optics and nonlinear optics
  • mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information theory


  • computational intelligence
  • cognitive sciences
  • computational physics, chemistry and molecular biology
  • computer aided education