Diploma projects

Diploma projects are to be prepared individually under the supervision of a faculty member holding at least a Ph.D. degree.

A new list of topics for 2008/2009 is available in USOS; it is also on the notice board by the Dean’s office. Below there is a list of summaries of suggested topics in as pdf files.

Engineering project topics

M.Sc. thesis topics

B.Sc. project topics

engineering project topics


This year an electronic system of diploma project and thesis registration has been introduced. Topics supplied have been made available on our USOSweb webpages. In the KATALOG menu, when you type 0800-PD in the PRZEDMIOTY field, you can display the list of all topics, which will soon grow and include hardware matters. This list will also include topics already taken by students, excluded from registration. Please note that the supervisor’s preferences and a student’s grades will play the decisive roles; the order of electronic registration will not matter.

You are encouraged to visit potential supervisors and ask them specific questions about suggested topics. IMPORTANT: This system does not cover yet topics supplied by Center for Astronomy
the Center for Astronomy teachers.

Topics and research areas are also available from the particular faculty members’ web pages.

Diploma projects have to be prepared according to the requirements specifying the format and the number of copies.
You will find the requirements and templates below.

What do the Study Regulations say about diploma work.

Also see the Rector’s instruction as to the end of studies procedure. (in Polish)